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Dog and Cat Repellent

Non-Toxic, organic shrub and garden protection repels dogs, cats, squirrels, voles and gophers.

 Cost $ 21.99

Long Lasting
Does not wash off with normal watering
or rain.

Time Release Formula
Repels cats & dogs from flower beds, bird
feeders, garbage cans and other areas.
Also repels squirrels, voles or gophers.

High Potency
Contains extremely high concentration of
pepper oil. This oil is extracted from the hottest
parts of the habenero pepper plants from India.

Non-Toxic, Organic

Safe for use around ornamental plants, flowers
and shrubs.

EPA Registered
Proven effective in field and lab trials.

Active Ingredients:
Capsaicin(pepper)   .1080%
Inert Ingredients   99.8920%

All Out™ Dog & Cat Repellent - 32 oz. RTU

Item No.: 5800

How to apply: DO NOT SPRAY this product directly on to plants, foliage or areas
of direct contact. The active ingredient is Capsaicin which is one of the strongest
pepper products on the market. Simply spray All Out™ Dog & Cat Repellent
around areas you wish to protect.