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Weatherproof Deer Repellent

All season weatherproof, organic protection from deer foraging damage.

 Cost $ 29.99 6 Pack

All Season Protection
A single application in the Spring protects sprouting plants and new growth for the entire growing season.

Active ingredient is protected in a heavy-duty, patented repellent station.

Safe for Vegetable Gardens
Repellent does not come in contact with leaves or fruit. Proven Effective in Years of Field Studies 100% dried blood is recognized as the leading deer repellent in university studies and field trials by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Non-Toxic, Organic
Triggers the flight response in deer. Safe to use around children and pets. The repellent is continuously released from repellent station, triggering a deer’s instinct to avoid predator activity.

Scentless to Humans

  Active Ingredients: 100% Dried Blood
All Season™ Weatherproof Deer Repellent
6 stations per package
Item No.: 5600
All Season™ Deer Repellent contains six (6) patented repellent stations per unit and six (6) metal stakes. The repellent can be used as a plant and/or perimeter treatment. Repellent stations should be placed four (4) to eight (8) feet apart. The stations can be used with the stakes or by hanging on a wire.