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It was a tough job, but after reading hundreds of great entries, we finally choose our winner. Thanks for all your great submissions and congratulations to the winners!

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Grand Prize Winner: The Charge of the Mole Patrol

Written by: Helen H. Crozier

My husband had a war
Our lawn the battle ground
Until the moles were gone
No peace was to be found

Dirt piles make the mower dull
So my husband, he was sworn
That one day he’d wake up
With no mole hills in the morn

At first it was amusing
Earth friendly that he is
Garlic blends and castor oil
He even tried cat whiz

But as the weeks wore on
His methods were less green
The moles were playing dirty
My husband getting mean

He built himself a blower
And tried to blow exhaust
But the moles were pretty savvy
And that battle, it was lost

He started buying smoke bombs
Spent hundreds on those things
But the moles knew to avoid them
Twas like their feet had wings

He set out many mole traps
They never set off one
They tunneled right around them
The moles were having fun…

He thought that he could drown them
By filling up their holes
But that battle, it was doomed
And the victor was the moles

He got out bottle rockets
And shot them down their hills
I feared the moles were winning
In this battle of the wills

He got out bigger fireworks
It seemed like overkill
And I was getting worried
Not sure whose blood would spill

My husband turned to chemistry
Mixed ammonia up with bleach
The moles were having none of it
They dug beyond his reach

When he rented a compacter
To make their tunnels flat
I knew he’d gone crazy
As loony as a bat

So now my man’s in therapy
Too many mole hills crossed
And we’re going to buy a condo
For the war, it has been lost

Special Winner: Kids Play

Written by: Karlee, Age 8

I wish I could say I hate moles, but I don't. My Dad hates moles. He has tried everything to kill moles because they get in his lawn and make it a mess.

If a mole even tries to come in our yard, my Dad is out there. We've tried to flood them out so I get to play with the hose and that's fun. We've put chewing gum in their holes and that's fun because I love gum. He's tried a special mixture and that was fun because it made bubbles all over the yard. He even has a mole spear, a knife duct taped on to a stick that he stand and watches mole tunnels. It's fun to watch him think he's going to catch a mole and get mad if he doesn't. My Dad wants to train my cat to run outside and catch moles, but I love my cat and that's disgusting.

The best thing about moles is when he actually catches one with his traps, he does the mole dance. It's a great dance to a song called, "We are the Champions". He dances around and stomps his feet with the dead mole and it is so funny. I love the mole dance! I keep helping him think of all sorts of ways to get rid of those moles so I can watch him do the mole dance. Sometimes, I even dance around with him. I love moles.

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